ImmerSphere Democratizes Artistic Access to the Metaverse

ImmerSphere provides a low-friction onramp to the metaverse for content creators and curators. We’ve designed easy content-capture workflows, with which anyone can capture a performance or a place, and we’re able to mix and match those two assets in several delivery formats that provide an immersive audio-visual experience in augmented reality.

How It Works


Musicians can shoot their best live performances on their own instruments from the comfort of their own homes; all they need is a simple green screen setup, their own 1080p phone camera, and an external mic. The same workflow applies to any performance, from spoken word to a lecture on particle physics. Photographers can capture a 360-degree photo or video with easy-to-follow parameters that enable performances to take place within. Visual artists can create whole new 360 worlds from scratch.


The main unit of ImmerSphere is the “Sphere” itself, which is the combination of the performance inside a 360-degree environment. Once a Creator has the building blocks of the Sphere captured, ImmerSphere offers several delivery formats to arrange those assets into an AR experience. Our first three formats for rendering assets include the invitation format, the zipper format, and the concert format.


The user can tap into the ImmerSphere experience through their smartphone, which acts as a viewer into the 360-degree environment. Headphones showcase ImmerSphere’s AI-driven audio which matches the performance sound to the acoustic properties of the 360 inside which it is placed. For non-acoustic or invented 360s, ImmerSphere enables wild sound filters to be created and applied to performances placed in such locales.

Creator-Curator UI Underway

ImmerSphere is hard at work building the creator-curator interface and authoring tools to enable artists to capture-deliver-render AR experiences from their own smartphones. Join our mailing list to keep up-to-date on our prototype partnerships and product launch.

“I really enjoyed working with ImmerSphere because they embrace my creativity.

Sometimes I have ideas that are really big and hard to do and ImmerSphere never said ‘no.’ I’m just very grateful because as an artist, that’s a gift.”

—Mariana Ramírez, percussionist


Right now, we’re working directly with concert presenters to establish a business model where creators are properly compensated for their content. If you know a presenter who might be interested in hosting your performance in an augmented reality format, please have them reach out to us and name you as an artist they would like to nominate. In addition, please sign up for our mailing list so that we can notify you when we’ve built the UI that enables artists to upload content in a creator economy.
We ask creators to record themselves giving live performances. That enables artists and audiences to experience that live performance adrenaline, though the asset itself is actually a video recording, which enables artists to choose their best live take.
One benefit of the performance videos being separate from the 360 environments is that the content has a long lifespan, since performances can be experienced again and again in different spaces and delivery formats. To make an experience more customized to a particular community, artists can record short commentary videos to weave between performances, in which they speak to their audience members, leading them through the AR journey. Often, presenters will also want to host virtual Q&As with the artists, to enable a live conversation with audience members.

Enter the ImmerSphere

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