ImmerSphere Offers Curators New Performance Formats to Diversify Their Artistry, Revenue, & Reach

ImmerSphere empowers curators by giving them the tools to create new presentation formats. These engaging and technologically groundbreaking formats open the door for curators to diversify artistic inclusion, reach new audience demographics, and cultivate new revenue streams. Curators can build their brandable presence in the metaverse with virtual venues and mission-specific content.

Integrate ImmerSphere with Your Programming


Pack of Spheres

Start creating with a pack of Spheres (combinations of performance videos inside 360 environments) which you can choose to deliver in any number of ways. Use them as marketing for your upcoming series, as a winter extension of your summer festival, as a tour of your facility, as an encore add-on to live concerts, as an AR concert series unto itself, as collectible merchandise, as an immersive capital campaign, and more.

Walking Concerts

The most interactive delivery format, a Walking Concert includes augmented reality Spheres pinned across a real-world landscape. Tell an AR story that unfolds across the physical world, give context to the real world by pinning associated AR content, invite your users to transport to new places from where they’re standing, drive foot traffic to local businesses, launch a treasure hunt, and much more with this mixed-reality experience. Tap into fun multiplayer features such as critical mass concert activation, small audience content interaction, large audience device synchronization, and more to create a shared social exploration.
Green Screen

Green Screen Pop-ups

Engage your local performers by hosting a green screen pop-up, and activate your local visual artists by putting out a call for 360s that capture the essence of your neighborhoods and communities. You can deliver selected content in any ImmerSphere format, perhaps using the event as a neighborhood or cultural exchange in which participating artists host each other’s performances inside 360s of their own communities, or as a learning experience, to take a tour through your local neighborhoods and learn directly from each community of artists about what defines their practice.

Partner with ImmerSphere

ImmerSphere is the on-ramp to the metaverse for creators and curators. We currently offer turnkey products for concert presenters to test the virtual waters. As they discover what works, ImmerSphere’s creator-curator UIs empower presenters to take the reins and license their own channel on the platform, building out multiple performance spaces, formats, and content. We provide the technology and knowhow—so you can focus on making creative statements and diversifying revenue streams.

“We see this as a thrilling opportunity to experiment together and observe the resulting artistic expression and community impact.

—Richard Scerbo, Artistic Planning Program Director for Music, The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Featured Partners

The Clarice

“Rising Tides” Hybrid Performance & World Premiere with the Tesla Quartet

ImmerSphere and The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center are unveiling a 2-year partnership that spans technological collaboration and creation of new works. The project, called “Rising Tides,” will harness ImmerSphere’s immersive and interactive 360 environments to explore local perspectives on the impacts of climate change on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, via commissioned pieces from Maryland composers and world premiere performances by the Tesla Quartet.

The University of Maryland

Arts for All: Arts + Technology + Social Justice

UMD will host a Walking Concert experience across its campus, featuring the augmented reality premieres of the first two works commissioned for the “Rising Tides” project. The installation will go live during Maryland Day 2023 and be available to the tens and thousands of visitors to campus. It will stay in place for the following month, enabling students and the general public to experience the new works and learn more about the climate issues facing the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

The University of Maryland

Immersive Media Design

CEO Oni Buchanan and CTO Matthew Neutra celebrated the IMD program launch by hosting a pop-up green screen recording session, akin to an open mic, for students, giving them a first-hand experience of how extended reality assets are created. Students and staff also captured nine different 360-degree videos—environments chosen from around the College Park campus—in which to host the performances. ImmerSphere will launch a UMD-centric mix & match dashboard enabling students to choose their own combinations of performance and place, complete with contrasting acoustic settings.


Live performances cannot be replaced or approximated. Instead of being in competition with live performance, ImmerSphere’s AR technology and delivery formats exist in addition to live performance, opening up parallel opportunities for artistic creation, storytelling, artist-audience interaction, and for audience interaction with each other in experiencing new performance formats together. Importantly, the new ImmerSphere performance formats also open up new revenue streams for both creators and curators, making creation and curation a sustainable endeavor.
ImmerSphere is an intuitive platform delivered to audiences on the most ubiquitous device in the world: the smartphone. We are interested in providing an accessible experience, so we chose a delivery device already owned by 84% of the world’s population, a number that continues to rise dramatically each year. The ImmerSphere app can be downloaded for free, and we provide demos for new users to try out different AR experiences and familiarize themselves with the simplicity of the technology.
Indeed, for arts presenters, perhaps the most radical use case of ImmerSphere is its function as metaverse real estate for the performing arts. ImmerSphere empowers presenters to take the reins as soon as their metaverse strategy is mapped, and build their own longterm AR empires through a platform licensing model, brandable to the series. In-app curator and creator UIs enable presenters full artistic and analytic control to expand their metaverse presence into multi-venue, multi-channel empires for performance, installation, education, and engagement. With the global metaverse market size estimated to surge from US$38.85 billion in 2021 to $678.8 billion by 2030, ImmerSphere provides presenters with the solutions they need to navigate a tectonic shift as the world enters the Web3 era.
Please reach out to us if you’re interested in curating an augmented reality experience, whether you’d like to test the waters with a small pack of Spheres, or whether you have a larger-scale bespoke project in mind. We’re happy to offer a free consultation if you’d like to brainstorm on an idea that seems well-served by the technology’s ability to combine performance and place in ways that transcend time, geography, and human limitation.

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