ImmerSphere Cultivates Creative Communities

ImmerSphere not only offers new ways for fan communities to experience work by the artists they love, but also new ways to experience performance with one another. While supporting the artists they love by participating in ImmerSphere’s artist-centric platform, they can also discover each other, forging new friendships across mixed realities. Above all, ImmerSphere’s platform is designed to empower every user’s creative potential, with an interface that enables all of us to participate, tell our stories, share the places that are meaningful to us, and invite others to participate as we expand each other’s worlds.

The Future of ImmerSphere

Library of Artists

As we go to market with presenter and promoter partners, we’ll simultaneously begin building a library of artistic content, both performances and 360 environments. With this finite content, we will also begin building out the creator infrastructure, where creators each have their own channel to feature their content and enable curators to license it for use. With the creator UI built and tested, we will be able to scale to a creator economy, in which artists have a marketplace to sell their content to curators and to enable their fans to experience new work through platform subscriptions.

Fan Communities

Expanding organically from the creator UI, we will be building the community UI, offering artist fans new ways to experience the work of their favorite artists, as well as to interact with their favorite artists and with fellow fans. Demo reels will be free to all users, and we will create subscription levels for additional access. In addition to premium access subscription levels, we will open up curator subscription levels, opening up the bottleneck of curation and empowering community curators to uplift and broadcast their favorite artistic work.

User-Generated Content

In addition to experiencing new work by the artists they love, we also want to empower community members to tap into their own creativity. To that end, we will be building consumer-level workflows and authoring tools into the app itself. These workflows aim to make creating AR assets as easy as point-and-shoot, followed by in-app editing, and uploading straight to the ImmerSphere cloud for immediate broadcast in one of our delivery formats.

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