ImmerSphere is a groundbreaking platform that enables performance in augmented reality, with immersive video & audio.

Each Sphere within ImmerSphere combines a compelling performance video with an immersive virtual place. It blends 3D sights and sounds with intensely human artistry.

You enter these immersive worlds through your smartphone, simply tapping on a Sphere to transport into the experience of your choice. As you traverse the Spheres, you may witness an Irish folk jam under the sea, or an art song taking flight from the surface of the moon. You might seek out a sunny day in Tuscany with music to match, discover a drumming session from a little-known corner of Accra, or find yourself seated in the back of a historic bar, with your favorite indie rock band on stage. You can savor and feel the power of place, art, and culture, on one welcoming platform.

Built for Creators & Curators

We’ve built ImmerSphere to be responsive to the needs of creators, curators, and community, and modeled the business structure to create new revenue streams across all contributors within the performing arts ecosystem.


Create performance experiences in augmented and mixed-reality formats. ImmerSphere’s technology empowers performers, composers, and visual artists with new formats for creation.


Extend the impact of any live performance by hosting augmented reality performances before, concurrently, and after. Expand your community both locally and globally, and tap into each creator’s full network of fans.


Enjoy performance in fun, interactive new formats, participate in your arts community in a new way, and support the innovative creators whose work you love.

“I think what ImmerSphere provides is the ability to provide context for every piece. It broadens our ability to provide meaning and a way in for all audiences.

It also provides audiences a way to experience this music if they are not in the Bay Area or anywhere that we are on tour. Our first project is called The Joy Project. We’d been playing short pieces that we commissioned to inspire joy in our community and we brought them outdoors into the sites, onto streetcorners, into parks. We thought, what better way to expand The Joy Project than to bring it to ImmerSphere.”

—Kathryn Bates, Del Sol Quartet

Case Study

The University of Maryland's

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center & Arts for All: Arts + Technology + Social Justice

ImmerSphere and The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center are unveiling a partnership that spans technological collaboration and creation of new works. The two-year project, called “Rising Tides,” will harness ImmerSphere’s immersive and interactive 360 environments to explore local perspectives on the impacts of climate change on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, via commissioned pieces from Maryland composers and premiere performances by the Tesla Quartet.