Extending the possibilities for music performance

ImmerSphere is a groundbreaking extended reality performance platform which offers immersive ways for artists and audiences to experience music performance in any 360 environment. Teleport into concert halls around the world, into stunning natural vistas, or into new worlds entirely to hear your favorite artists curating imaginative performance experiences in resonance with place.

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What is it?

ImmerSphere forges wondrous new paths for music performance, opening up new creative possibilities for musicians, new performance series formats for concert presenters, and new listening and curatorial experiences for music lovers.


Get ahead of the technology curve by hosting a series of exuberant augmented or mixed reality performances alongside your live concert series. Expand your audience locally and globally, and tap into each artist's full network of fans.

Audience Members

Enjoy music performance in a fun, exhilarating new format, participate in your arts community in a new way, and support the musicians whose work you love. ImmerSphere performance experiences are easy and intuitive, accessible from your own smartphone or tablet.


Create performance experiences in extended reality formats, which introduce breathtaking potential for conceptual, impactful programming and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Celebrated as “radical digital defiance” by Ben Dietschi of the renowned DeVos Institute for Artist Management, ImmerSphere “shatters limitation[s]…it’s pushing the limits of available tech to reconstruct a fuller spectrum of audience experiences.”

The Future Of Music

The ImmerSphere business model is built to keep revenue in the arts sector and to redefine licensing practices to restore the value of artistic content to the artists themselves. We aim to enable a sustainable and richly creative future for the performing arts.

High-quality audio, spatial audio, and acoustic replication of specific performance spaces add unrivaled acoustic experiences to the already extraordinary and highly-curated artistic content available on the platform.


Oni Buchanan, CEO

Oni Buchanan, CEO

Jocelyn Scheirer, CTO

Jocelyn Scheirer, CTO

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